TOP 10 Reasons you should Buy An Adult Electric Scooter

Price Range $250 - $3900

In addition to the very popular and fantastic reviews from riders, there is very limited last mile transportation targeting adults. Electric bikes are big, hard to park and most the time spent on the road with automobiles which can get scary. Adult electric scooters fill a major void.

1. Easy to use and seamless Maneuverability 

Any rider can easily and conveniently meander through traffic and walkways and move from point A to point B.

2. Your time is important

Traffic jams, Uber rides, parking all use time most adults done have to waste. Scooters are your grab and go now option. 

3. Less effort than a bike 

With the powerful motor on your scooter you kick once and you off and moving with the right speed for the area you are riding in and arrive without sweat. 

4. Range and distance

While this is a big deal when choosing your ride, better units offer 10 - 30 miles of usage. Being able to ride for hours on end is a major factor on your enjoyment.

5. Cost

You get what you pay for is always true. The better unit you purchase, the more you get out of that unit. Cost vs other options like driving is where gas savings would pay for a scooter in months.

6. Health and Wellness

Something about being outside makes us happy. 

7. Very Portable

Options to take with you both inside and store it translated into ease of use. Locking up a bike outside in the weather and wondering if someone will grab it is not fun to have to think about all day. 

8. Safer than other options. 

A lot of time you are moving much slower than other options and able to stop quickly with out issues. Controls are easy and anyone can control it.

9. Eco Friendly

Electric is the future

10. FUN

Riding a scooter is to much fun. From the very first time you jump on you have a big smile on your face. Very few items offer this type of experience over and over.


June 24, 2018 by Surfin Cycle